About Anand Engineers

Anand Engineers, is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company, is a professionally managed group involved in manufacturing and marketing of Specialty Lubricants, Established in 1984, the company markets its own products under the brand name of Moly-Graph in the following categories broadly

• Specialty Lubricants • Corrosion Protectors • Protective Coatings • Electrical Cleaners

The Company is situated in the heart of the city of Mumbai and has adequate infrastructure including all manufacturing facilities for greases and in-house aerosol filling. Anand Engineers is also one of the chosen companies by UNDP (United Nations Development Program), for setting up the Demo Project for promotion of CFC free environment friendly propellant.

We serve the following segment of customer’s Automobiles, Aviation, Cement, Chemicals, Drilling, Electricals, Engineering, Fertilizers & Petro-chemicals, Forgings, Food, Mining, Paper, Plastics, Power, Refinery, Rubber etc.

The Company has its own Research & Development setup with a well equipped laboratory. Formulations are developed in-house, keeping in mind the ever growing demand for High Performance Specialty Lubricants.

Mission :

  • To educate the customer in scientific methods for selection of lubricants, its usage and preservation.
  • To offer the customer the appropriate solution to specific requirements.
  • To provide the right lubricants under all types of extreme conditions of speed, load, temperature and environment.
  • To provide cost effective solutions in the field of industrial lubricants, so that our customers can achieve reduced down time, lower their overall cost of lubrication, enhance the life of operating parts and save on energy consumption.
  • Customer’s delight.

Products Details

  • Nye Rheolube 716L - High Speed Bearing Grease for CNC Spindle Bearing Lubrication
  • Molygraph Hydropower HLP 46 / 68
  • Molygraph Smooth slide 68D
  • Molygraph ITC Bond – Moly based Dry Bonded Lubricant for lubrication of Disc Springs for the Clamping of tools

A – Maintenance Area




CNC Machine for Internal Grinding

High Speed Bearings

Ultra Syn SHC 35 W
( High Speed Bearing Grease )

CNC Machine for Drilling, Milling

High Speed Bearings

MFG 220 (Complex Based Grease )

Spindle Lubrication of CNC Machine

High Speed Bearings

Nye Rheolube 716L
( High Speed Bearing Grease)

Chuck Lubrication

Chuck Jaws

Chuck Paste 3150 ( Chuck Paste )

Machined Component


U Kleen FE ( Cleaner & Degreaser )
Eco Kleen ( Eco-friendly Cleaner )

D.P Testing

Crack Detection

CDK Kit ( Crack detection Kit )

Rust Free Components

Work In Progress Stage

Rust Preventive Oils.


Tie Bar, Bed Shoe, Bed Strips, Toggle Mechanism

Fluid Greases / Oils


Disc Springs for the Clamping of tools

ITC Bond
( Dry Bonded Coating )
Ultra tack Grease 460
( Water/ Coolant Resistant Grease )


Horizontal & Vertical Movements

Moly-Graph Slide Way Oils

A – Maintenance Area



Type of Operations :-
General Machining , Threading , Reaming , Drilling, Broaching, Milling , Sawing, Turning, Tapping,
Grinding ( Center less / Surface / Cylindrical Grinding ) etc.

Moly-Graph SmoothKut Series
( Soluble Oil, Semi Synthetic, Fully Synthetic )
We have special Metal Working Fluids for Aluminium.

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