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Antrieb / EMG Actuators

'DC' type MF Electro-mechanical Actuators IP68 with Compact Control Electronic

This device has been known worldwide for many years as the EMG DREHMO Actuators and in India as ANTRIEB Actuators.

Antrieb 'DC' Type MF Electro Mechanical Actuators are specially designed for operating various types of Valves, Dampers, Penstocks, etc.

These are installed primarily in Power Stations, Steel Plants, The Chemical and Petro - Chemical Industries, Paper, Cement and as well as in the water supply.

The Antrieb Actuator module consists of the Mechanical & Electrical components such as Gear, Limit Switches, Torque Switches, Intermediate Position Limit Switches, Potentiometer etc.


  • Standard…….MF
  • Compact Control
  • Flame Proof Standard
  • Flame Proof Compact

Operational Duty

  • On – Off
  • Regulating

Torque Range

  • 10-35Nm, 20-60Nm, 40-
  • 120Nm, 40-150Nm, 80-
  • 20Nm, 120-360Nm,
  • 150-450Nm, 250-750Nm

Spare Parts Lists

  • Type DC 0
  • Type DC 2
  • Type DC 3 / DC 1

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